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Picture of two archaeopteryxes fighting About the site
The inspiration behind this site is my house. A number of people have paid me the supreme compliment of saying that my house belongs on Wild Chicago, a local PBS program about odd and interesting places in Chicago. While you won’t find the Seven-Up bottle from Jordan, or the matchbook from Cal-Neva Lodge, or the roof tile from Jimmy Wong’s Restaurant here, I hope you will find equally interesting and unusual digital items.

Drawing of Phorusrhacos inflatus, an extinct terror bird Why Maniraptora?
The Maniraptora are the class of dinosaurs from which birds are believed to be descended. I was a volunteer at the Field Museum in Chicago, and my specialty was dinosaurs. Also, I have been owned by a succession of budgerigars, the current one being Yildirim Pasha (Turkish for “Lord Thunderbolt”). So the name “Maniraptora” was a natural choice.

My budgie, Yildirim Pasha Onward and outward
Like all web sites and airports, Maniraptora is a work in progress. I hope to be adding more departments and pictures as time goes on. So take a look around now, and do stop by on a regular basis.

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