Dinosaurs Around the World

No matter where I travel, I always make a point of stopping at the local natural history museum and photographing the exhibits. Here you will find pictures and descriptions of some of the dinosaur skeletons I’ve seen. A few interesting non-dinosaurian skeletons are also included. In order to show the skeletons at their best, I have removed the backgrounds of the photos, courtesy of Adobe Photoshop™. I will add more pages as I have my old photos digitized and take more photos at new museums. Eventually I hope this page will be worthy of its title “Dinosaurs Around the World”!

Caveat lector: I’ve done my homework, but if you’ve come here to do your homework for a school project, you will need more help. Click on the Dinosaur Bibliography below for a list of books to read.

Field Museum of Natural History
Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales
Museo de La Plata
Museo Paleontologico Egido Feruglio
Beijing Natural History Museum
Dinosaur Bibliography

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